About Me

Stewart Boss

I’m a Public Relations and Public Policy double-major at UNC-Chapel Hill graduating in May 2013. My PR focus is business/entrepreneurship and political communication. My Public Policy field concentration is Environment & Sustainability. I think I have the skills and experiences to be successful in this field.

I have a diverse background in communications, policy and politics. I’ve always loved to write — I was the student editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper and won the English award at my graduation. In college, I’ve used my strengths as a writer in a variety of avenues — for internships, campaign organizing, newspaper columns and more.

I’ve interned for Public Policy Polling, the Democratic National Committee, the Center for American Progress and the Sierra Club doing everything from press releases and memos to policy research. I’ve got experience as a campus organizer doing campaign strategy for successful efforts with the Sierra Club’s “Campuses Beyond Coal” campaign and a local Orange County transit tax referendum. I’ve published policy briefs nationally on offshore wind and fracking through the Roosevelt Institute.

Download resumeSTEWART BOSS Resume

Phone: (704) 733-0313  |  Email: stewartwboss@gmail.com





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